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Step into the small world of bees!

For my second Ludum Dare I tackled a strategy game focused on the lives of bees in a honeycomb. The mechanics of the game are here, though in it's current state, the game has no win or loss conditions. I'd like to mark it down as a proof of concept, and the experience I've gained from it has been highly valuable.

I hope whoever plays fills in the blanks and understands where the scope of the game was headed, so enjoy!


In this turn-based strategy game, send your bees into the wild to bring back pollen and create honey for your colony to survive. Keep your bees happy by feeding them well, and providing them with adequate housing, to avoid overcrowding.

(Note: Recommended Resolution 1024x768)

Install instructions

Run "Small World - Bees.exe"


Game 11 MB

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