Bot Defense

A game made for the Ludum Dare 40 game jam.

The idea behind the game was to introduce ways to hinder the player as they progressed through the game; my take on the theme was to allow the player to select perks to enhance but also hinder the player in interesting ways. The core idea is there, but due to time constraints I was unable to flesh out the idea fully.


  • Shoot: Left Mouse Button
  • Aim: Left Mouse
  • Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

How to Play

Each wave you have the option of choosing a perk, however each one has its negatives.

"The more you have, the worse it is."

Information for downloaded versions

The game UI is not scalable - therefore running outside of the recommended resolution, or in fullscreen, may result in an odd playing experience.



Download 16 MB
Download 18 MB
Download 21 MB

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